OUR SERVICES - manicure, pedicure, henna, depilation

Hands and nails stylization

Come, seat comfortably, let your hands be taken by ours. Beautiful and neat hands are a personal statement of every modern woman. No time or patience for home-made manicure? Feel invited and come to us – our stylists will take care of your nails, and you can seat back, relax, and think about something really nice. Our offer includes full hand and nails care: from classic manicure (also for men), hybrid manicure, gel nails extensions, to Japanese manicure. Need something special? Check IBX System – revolutionary method of nails rebuilding which gets into the nail plate and improves it… from within. This product by Famous is so efficient that its formula is protected in the whole world by a patent. Or maybe you love „hybrids” but your nails could not agree? Worry not – choose OPI Gel Break. This innovative product will bring life to even the most damaged nails and improve their looks. Come to our salon and see for yourself – we’ll take full care of your hands!

  • Beauty treatment IBX System - 30 PLN
  • Manicure basic (classic) - 45 PLN
  • Manicure color (one color) - 60 PLN
  • Manicure color french (French manicure) - 70 PLN
  • Manicure infinity shine (with nail polish which is as sustainable and strong as color gel, three-dimensional shine with no scratches up to 10 days) - 70 PLN
  • Manicure basic + OPI Gel Break (classic manicure with procedure which revives damaged nail plate) - 65 PLN
  • Manicure OPI Gel Color (hybrid) - 99 PLN
  • Manicure OPI Gel Color French (French hybrid manicure) - 114 PLN
  • Japanese manicure (rubbing of vitamin and mineral paste in the nail plate, then covering it with powder, which gives effect of natural nails) - 70 PLN
  • Manicure men (manicure for men) - 65 PLN
  • Gel extensions - from 155 PLN
  • Gel fillings – from 130 PLN
  • Gel on natural plate - from 110 PLN
  • Gel - 1 nail - 20 PLN
  • Painting / Painting over - 25/35 PLN
  • Painting / Painting over (French) - 35/45 PLN
  • Nail Art (artistic decorations) - from 5 PLN to 150 PLN
  • Removal of hybrid manicure - 40 PLN
  • Peeling + mask for manicure - 20 PLN
  • Base OPI Hard - 10 PLN



Your feet deserve a little bit of luxury! Uncomfortable shoes, constant chase of everyday issues, long winter and autumn months – al. of these cause that your feet do not look their best. Change it today! Our salon offers full set of feet care – from the basic, classic pedicure to permanent hybrids or intriguing and shiny infinity shine pedicure. Skin problems? Do not say a word – our salon offers also podiatry pedicure, during which we remove callus and other skin defects which occur as a result of illnesses or ill-suited shoes. We will gladly help with ingrown nails or cracked heels. Looking for something special? Treat yourself with special Pedicure Bubble Bath. Choose one of aromatic cosmetic “muffines”, which in water change into caring foam. Your feet are going to love this!

  • Pedicure basic (classic) - 100 PLN
  • Podiatry pedicure - from 110 PLN
  • Pedicure color (one color) - 115 PLN
  • Pedicure color french (French pedicure) - 130 PLN
  • Pedicure infinity shine (with nail polish which is as sustainable and strong as color gel, three-dimensional shine with no scratches up to 10 days) - 120 PLN
  • Pedicure OPI Gel Color (hybrid) - 135 PLN
  • Pedicure OPI Gel Color French (French hybrid pedicure) - 155 PLN
  • Pedicure men (pedicure for men) - 145 PLN
  • Peeling + pedicure mask - 30 PLN
  • Bubble Bath for pedicure (relaxing bath for feet) - 30 PLN



Forget about unnecessary hairs on your face We will remove them quickly and without pain with wax. Our salon offers depilation of moustache and eyebrows. We use only best-branded products. Depileve is the world leader of professional depilation. Their waxes consist of over 70% of natural resin from the best kind of pine, which is perfectly adhesive and viscous. Thanks to this, the shortest hairs are removed with quite an ease – even to 0.5 mm. Sensitive skin? We’ve got a solution for you. As we added lavender essence, azulene, karate butter or olive oil to our wax, depilation can be suited even to the most delicate, sensitive skin. Wax depilation – from 20 PLN.



Henna Your eyes deserve a beautiful frame! Henna is a natural color which comes from leaves and sprouts of lawsonia. Since antiquity, it has been used to dye hair, color nails, make body tattoos. For ages, its popularity has not decreased and today it is mostly used to dye  eyebrows and lashes. Henna has three colors: black, graphite and brown. In  our salon, henna color is chosen individually to the hair and skin color. If your hair is light, your eyebrows are thin and almost invisible, thanks to henna it is possible to show them, give them appropriate shape, and hide defects. Eyebrow henna gives expressiveness to your face, changes your eyes and emphasises facial features. Lashes with henna seem longer and with more volume. Professional henna subtly highlights your eyes – they become bigger and more visible.

Our salon offers also 3D eyebrow henna. It is the newest, revolutionary method to gain the perfect shape and filling of eyebrows. Partial defects within eyebrows are filled in, even the whole brow can be rebuilt if it was lost during failed treatment or chemotherapy. Result? Waterproof, sustainable eyebrows in perfect shape. The effect lasts for 4 weeks.

  • Henna full ( eyebrows + lashes + regulation ) - 55 PLN
  • Henna eyebrows + regulation - 35 PLN
  • Henna 3d eyebrows - 25 PLN
  • Henna lashes - 25 PLN
  • Eyebrow regulation - 20 PLN